Take thief's selfie.


Prevent. Catch. Rescue.

Theftie helps to do the best in case you lost your device.


Detect unauthorized access to phone and immediately lock down the device, capture a theftie and send to your email.


Get thefties and locate your device in realtime. Make it easy to communicate with the person who holds the device.

Rescue data

Retrieve your texts, photos or documents from the lost device right on your Google Drive.

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Theftie prevents your device's unauthorized access and modification. It records any attempt to bypass device lock and notify the device's owner by SMS or email with intruder face captured by front camera. SIM changes, connected WiFi hotspots and other valuable information are also captured.

Keep your device safe

It's better to keep your device with passcode protection.

Catch a thief

Catch a thief (†) can help to locate your device on a map, display a message on its screen, remotely set a passcode lock, or initiate a remote wipe to delete your data. Theftie brings a powerful remote control over your phone, including remote lock, direct messages, capturing pictures, making phone calls.

Theftie - make a thief's selfie

Capture thief photo with front camera and show on your PC in seconds

Locate device

Locate the device on a map

Keep in touch with thief

Communicate easily with thief, thanks to cloud messaging and push notification technology.

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Lost mode

Lost Mode - making it even easier to find and protect a missing Android device. Theftie immediately locks your device with a PIN unlock code and sends to it a message displaying a contact number. That way a good people can contact you without touching other apps. Theftie also smartly records device locations and you can view later on Theftie website (†).

Monitor the device in real time

Battery-saving location service and device activity trackers help to figure out theft movement.

Start data rescue process

Send texts, call logs and files on SD Card to your Google Drive.

SMS control

SMS control utilities can help to communicate with your device by texting. It's convenient way to control your device when you can not access to Theftie web app. By supporting to locate your device, lock it or even wipe device, it's as powerful as web console.

Powerful SMS

Send sms to your device as commands to control device remotely. It makes your life easier.

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(†) require login to website


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